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A range of exclusive features

to help your business save

money and earn interest.

A unique financial service, highly beneficial to professionals who purchase goods from Van Marcke.

Izola Pro offers your business a range of features, such as exclusive discounts and attractive interest rates. It has been designed specifically for professional sole traders and companies based in Belgium and France who purchase goods directly from Van Marcke.
Izola Pro comes with a current and savings account, as well as access to an invoice payment system which offers you an exclusive discount of up to 3% for prompt payment of your Van Marcke invoices. You can manage your Izola Pro account through our online banking system or when you’re on the move through the Izola Pro Mobile.

Discover why Izola Pro could be the helping hand your business needs.

Exclusive discount

Enjoy an exclusive discount of up to 3% for prompt payment of your Van Marcke invoices. Check out our calculator to see how much you could save.

Easy transfers

You can set up a Direct Debit Mandate so that funds can be automatically transferred to your Izola Pro account from your primary bank.

Make payments

You can also use your Izola Pro account or Izola Pro Mobile to make payments internationally or within the EU.

Safe and secure

All transactions can be approved using the Izola Pro Mobile App which generates a secure one-time token for you to input.

Invoice Management System

Keep up to date with all your Van Marcke invoices. View old, recent and pending invoices. Issue queries directly to Van Marcke and add customized notes to any invoice. View the discount obtained year to date. All via one easy to use screen.

Attractive Interest Rates

We think all your deposits should earn you money. That’s why we pay interest on both your current and savings accounts. Your interest is accrued daily and we pay you your interest at the end of the calendar year, whether your balance is €1 or €10,000. View our interest rates.

Business Term Deposit

Open a business term deposit account with a minimum balance of €500 and we’ll pay you interest quarterly, half-yearly or annually – the choice is yours. View our interest rates. Our deposit accounts are covered by the Depositor Compensation Scheme.

Izola Pro Mobile

You can manage your Izola Pro account wherever you are and whenever you like using Izola Pro Mobile. From paying your invoices, to viewing your transaction history and balances, Izola Pro Mobile makes it easy to manage your business on the move. Available for both Android and iOS devices.

Open an Izola Pro Term Deposit and enjoy a competitive interest rate.


  Duration Interest Rate
Current account Open 0.25%
Savings account Open 0.75%
Term deposit 3 months 1.35%
Term deposit 6 months 1.45%
Term deposit 9 months 1.60%
Term deposit 1 year 1.75%
Term deposit 2 years 2.00%
Term deposit 3 years 2.25%
Term deposit 4 years 2.50%
Term deposit 5 years 2.75%
  Duration Interest Rate
Current Open 0,25%
Savings Open 0,75%
Term deposit 3 months 1,35%
Term deposit 6 months 1,45%
Term deposit 9 months 1,60%
Term deposit 1 year 1,75%
Term deposit 2 years 2,00%
Term deposit 3 years 2,25%
Term deposit 4 years 2,50%
Term deposit 5 years 2,75%

Rates are correct as at 01.11.2020

An exclusive discount for prompt payment

Enjoy an exclusive discount of up to 3% for prompt payment of your Van Marcke invoices. Simply enter the total amount of a recent invoice (without the VAT) and we will show you the discount you can obtain depending on how fast you pay the invoice using your Izola Pro account.

Please enter the invoice details below, then press the Calculate button.

  • Please complete this information
  • Please enter number digits only.
  • Only 11 characters are allowed
  • Important! Negative amounts are not allowed.

Rates are correct as 01.11.2020

Your results

Number of days after invoice due date Discount (%) Discount (€) Amount Owed (excluding VAT)
{{breakdown.day}} {{breakdown.discount_percentage|number: 2}}% €{{breakdown.discount_euro|number: 2}} €{{breakdown.amount_owed|number: 2}}
{{vm.days}}+ 0 0 €{{vm.invoice_amount|number: 2}}

A clear picture of all our tariffs.

As an online bank we can offer great rates and we try to keep all our fees as low as possible.

Izola Pro Bank Card  € 5
Account Maintenance Fee (per current account) € 15
Credits to your account  Free
Transfers - between own accounts Free
Transfers - destination account held with Izola Bank Free
Transfers - destination account held with another bank
Payments in euro in Belgium or other EU member states with beneficiary's account in IBAN format, SWIFT BIC code and charges indicated as shared (SHA). 
€ 8.50
Manual repair fee for all transfers € 8
Administration charge for early closure of term deposit € 15
Confirmation letter to auditors (on request) € 20
Direct debit instructions Free


These rates are exclusive of VAT (if applicable) and are subject to revision from time to time.

Izola Pro Mobile

Enjoy the flexibility of managing your Izola Pro Account wherever you are.

  1. Van Marcke
    View, select and pay your Van Marcke invoices. Monitor your discounts.
  2. Use one app
    One app for all banking transactions, including accessing your desktop online banking.
  3. Customised viewing
    Move each section of the app into your preferred order.
  4. Secure
    Designed with the latest security features for safe mobile banking.


You can download the app for your Android or Apple device. Simply login to the relevant app store and search for Izola Pro Mobile.


Purchase goods without large upfront cost

If you are based in Belgium you can opt to apply for an Izola Pro Credit Card which gives you the flexibility of purchasing goods from Van Marcke without large up-front costs. You can still enjoy the exclusive discount for prompt payment when using this credit card facility. We currently offer two credit card limits:

Silver Card


Gold Card


On a monthly basis you will need to pay 15% of the outstanding balance or €50, depending on which is higher. If the amount owing is less than €50 then the whole balance will be debited.

Card fees

Card fees Izola Pro Credit Card € 5
Maintenance charge – Silver Credit Card € 25
Maintenance charge – Gold Credit Card € 50
Default of payment administration charge* € 20


*Unpaid direct debit re credit card minimum amount due. These rates are exclusive of VAT (if applicable) and are subject to revision from time to time.

Please note Izola Pro Credit Cards are only available when purchasing goods from Van Marcke. Currently only available in Belgium. Terms and Conditions apply.

Fund projects and initiatives in advance

Short Term Business Loans

Do you have a large-scale project coming up? If you are based in Belgium, you might want to consider applying for a short-term business loan. Currently only available for purchasing goods directly from Van Marcke, our business loans offer competitive rates. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. We recommend you contact us to find out more.

Overdraft Facility - €6.000 at 5,5%

Apply for an overdraft facility and use this to pay your Van Marcke invoices and you will still benefit from the exclusive discount for prompt payment. You can also use your overdraft facility to pay third parties. If you would like to see if your company is eligible for an overdraft facility, please contact us.

Terms and conditions apply for both business loans and overdrafts. Please contact our Help Centre team to find out more.

Haven’t decided yet?

Don't worry. We appreciate you might need time to consider opening an Izola Pro Account. Download this free guide about the benefits of Izola Pro to help you decide.

Your top questions answered

How do I know if I am eligible to become an Izola Pro client?

If you are a professional that purchases goods from Van Marcke in either Belgium or France than you are eligible for an exclusive Izola Pro account. This applies for companies and for sole traders.

How do I become an Izola Pro client?

Our team will be more than happy to help guide you through the application process. There is certain information you will need to have available so if you email us or call us to express your interest we will come back to you with the details.

Like the banks in my home country, will you deduct withholding tax from my interest income?

We pay all credit interest gross to our customer (i.e. without deducting withholding tax). If no other financial intermediary deducts the withholding tax, it is your responsibility to declare this income to the relevant government in your annual tax return. Using our services, you can always print a quarterly position report stating the credit interest earned and any debit interest accrued, so that the amount to be indicated on your tax return has already been calculated. Please note if your financial year differs from the calendar year, can request this statement from us. Please allow one month for this to be set up.

Will I be given a bank card like my primary bank?

The Izola Pro account is designed to pay your Van Marcke invoices and to make transfers to third parties via online banking and the Izola Pro Mobile App. Izola Pro does not allow cash withdrawals and is only an online account, therefore no bank card is needed.

How long does it take before funds I transfer arrive in my Izola Pro account and can I opt for payment by Direct Debit?

It may take up to 2 working days before the funds arrive in your Izola Pro account (depending on your primary bank). If you do not want to miss out on the 3% discount can opt for an internal Direct Debit, so that the invoices are automatically paid on the day you receive them.

Still have questions? We have the answers.

If you are still unsure or you would like further information, please visit our Help Centre to find the answers to your questions.