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Looking for access to fast financing?

Secure funding to grow your business by turning your outstanding invoices into immediate cash.


What is factoring?

Factoring is a form of financing that allows companies like yours to sell accounts receivables and improve your working capital. Through factoring, your business will have access to immediate funds, usually within 24 hours of uploading your invoices to our portal.

Our Izola Factor offering is designed to help small-to-medium sized businesses (SMEs) improve their cash flow. That means you can pay employees, suppliers and reinvest in your company’s operations and growth earlier than if you had to wait until your customers paid you.

Is factoring a good option

for my company?

Small-to-medium sized businesses face several challenges, especially if their focus is on growth.

How many of these challenges resonate with you?

  1. Your company is growing fast, and you need access to immediate working capital to keep up with demand.
  2. Your customers do pay, but it’s never as quickly as you need it to be.
  3. Chasing customers for payment is taking up too much of your time, which could be better spent winning new business.
  4. You need a little flexibility and don’t want to be locked down with loans and overdrafts.
  5. Competition is growing in your industry and investing in better technology and equipment is crucial to your business’ growth strategy.

Factoring provides solutions to all these challenges.

If you’re interested but short on time, download this quick guide to factoring and how it can help your business grow.


Here’s our run-down of the biggest benefits you gain from factoring:

Fast decision and proposal

We don’t believe in keeping you waiting. The sooner you can provide us with the information we need, the faster we can confirm your company’s eligibility and send you our proposal.

Single factoring fee

We prefer to provide you with a customised fee that is agreed to before any signatures are required.

90% of the invoice value

Send us your invoice and we’ll make sure that 90% of the invoice value less our fees is in your account within 24 hours (one business day). We will send you the remaining 10% as soon as your customer pays us.

100% risk protection

Izola Factor offers non-recourse factoring. That means we take 100% of the risk of non-payment in case of insolvency.

Onboard in less than 10 days

Business loans can take some time to set up, and they might require collateral that you would not like to put up. Izola Factor’s dedicated team can have you on board in less than 10 working days.

No hidden fees

We don’t believe in hiding anything from our customers. That’s why we don’t have any hidden bank charges or fees. We provide you with one factoring fee, that covers all our services. It’s that simple.

One point of contact

We build long term relationships with customers. We don’t believe you need to speak to numerous people for one query. It’s one point of contact all the way.

Personal debt collection

With over 30 years of debt collection services behind us, our multi-lingual team know exactly how to approach your clients. By building relationships with them and offering exceptional customer service as standard. We look after your clients, as we look after you – professionally.

Izola Factor Calculator

Try this quick factoring calculator to determine the amount of financing which could be available to you.

Please enter your details below, then press the Calculate button.

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Applying for factoring is quick, easy and could get

your company the funding you need within 24 hours

We work with small-to-medium sized companies in a variety of industries.


The most important requirements are that your company works business-to-business (B2B)

or business-to-government (B2G), and that your proposed debtors (clients) are credit worthy.


Izola Factor is currently available in Belgium, the Netherlands and to Malta-based clients whose debtors are cross-border within Europe.

If you’d like to be kept informed when Izola Factor becomes available in your country please let us know.

Stop waiting on customers who pay slowly.

Infuse your company with financial liquidity.


Haven’t decided yet?

Don't worry. We appreciate you might need time to consider factoring for your business. Download this free guide about the benefits of Izola Factor to help you decide.

Your top questions answered

How long does it take to become a client?

We aim to guide new Izola Factor clients through the application process to approval stage in just 10 working days. Unlike a traditional business loan or overdraft application, you can be on your way to a more liquid cash flow in no time.

What will it cost and what does it include?

This depends on several criteria. The size of your company, how many debtors you would like to use for factoring, which industry you are in and what your payment terms are with your debtors. Once we receive your completed request for a quote, we can provide you with an all-inclusive fee within a few days. This fee includes the financing, administration, risk protection, debt collection and auditing services. We never hide our fees.

How long will it take to receive funds?

When you upload your invoices to our portal before 11am, we will pay you up to 90% of the total amount on the same day. You will have access to these funds on your account the next business day. We will send you the remaining 10% as soon as your customer pays us.

What happens if one of my debtors goes bankrupt?

As we offer non-recourse factoring, you will benefit from our 100% risk protection. This means we take on the risk of non-payment by your client.

Do I need to give you all my debtors to factor?

No, you can choose which debtors you want to use for factoring. However please note we do require at least 5 debtors.  We can offer factoring for Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Government (B2G) customers.

Still have questions? We have the answers.

If you’re still unsure or you’d like further information, please visit our help centre to find the answers to your questions.