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Savings made simple.

Grow your money around your lifestyle with our online savings account.


This is where a stronger financial future begins.

Izola Saver is an easy way to help your personal savings grow.

Start saving with as little as €25

Start small and add as you go along.

Manage your account on the move


Download Izola Saver Mobile and keep track of your savings wherever you are, whenever you like.

No set up or admin fees

Put your mind at rest. There are no monthly charges and no hidden fees to transfer to and from your main account.

Interest is accrued daily

We’ll pay the interest you’ve earned at the end of the calendar year directly to your account.

Put your money towards your goals


Allocate the money in your account towards goals, such as buying a house, a retirement fund or a new car.

Highly secure

Your account is linked to one account from your principal bank. You can only ever transfer between these accounts.

Chat to us

We believe in providing real people to speak to. Call us or chat online from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm CET.

On your own, or together

You can open a joint savings account or an individual account as you prefer.

Plan ahead with Izola Saver+

Enjoy a more competitive interest rate when you open an online term deposit account.

Open an Izola Saver account

Great savings are just around the corner.

Our personal savings account is currently only available to personal customers in Malta, Belgium and France.

We make it easy to grow your money.

These interest rates are only for residents of Malta.




Interest Rate

Izola Saver  No term 0.75%
Izola Saver+ 1 year 1.25%
Izola Saver+ 2 years 1.50%
Izola Saver+ 3 years 1.75%
Izola Saver+ 4 years 2.00%
Izola Saver+ 5 years 2.25%
Izola Saver+ 7 years 2.60%
Izola Saver+ 10 years 3.00%

We can deduct the 15% withholding tax on your interest.

Rates are correct as 01.07.2020

This is how your money can make more money.

Have a look at the interest you can obtain with Izola Saver and Izola Saver+

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Rates are correct as 01.07.2020. Quoted rates are valid for deposits up to €200,000.00.

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5 Years at 2.25%

It's never been easier to save towards big dreams. Izola Saver+ is an online term deposit account with great interest rates.

  1. Easy to open.
    Open an online term deposit straight from your Izola Saver account.
  2. Start with just €500.
    You don't need huge savings in hand to enjoy a term deposit account. You can open your Izola Saver+ with a minimum deposit of just €500.
  3. Choose when to receive your interest.
    We can pay interest into your account quarterly, half yearly or annually. You decide what suits you best.
  4. Extra peace of mind.
    Our term deposit accounts are covered by the
    Depositor Compensation Scheme.

Please note you must open an Izola Saver account before opening a Saver+ account.

Set up your account in minutes.

We require some basic information about you, or you and your partner if you’re opening a joint account. This includes information such as your name, address, identity card details and the IBAN number of the principle bank account that you will link to your Izola Saver account.

If you are opening a joint account, you must link this online savings account to a principle account that exists in both names.

Haven’t decided yet?

Don't worry. We appreciate you might need time to consider which savings account is best for you.
Download this free guide about the benefits of Izola Saver to help you decide.

Your top questions answered

What is the initial deposit required?

For Izola Saver the minimum opening deposit required to open the account is just €25. For Izola Saver+, which is a term deposit account the opening balance requested is just €500.

Will I have access to an online banking facility to view my savings account?

Yes, you have access to online banking where you can view your balances, manage your savings goals and transfer to and from your main (primary) bank account. You also have access to our mobile app where you can manage your Izola Saver and Saver+ accounts on the move.

Do you charge any fees for Izola Saver or Saver+?

No we do not charge you any fees for either your Izola Saver, or Izola Saver+ accounts.

What interest rates are available?

Please view our rates for the most up-to-date information.

How secure is Izola Saver?

Izola Saver is connected to an account of your choosing with your Primary Bank. It is designed so that you can only ever transfer money into or from that account. Money cannot be moved to a different account at any time, ensuring extra peace of mind.

Still have questions? We have the answers.

If you’re still unsure or you’d like further information, please visit our help centre to find the answers to your questions.